All Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Saigon

The erstwhile city of Saigon, now known as Ho Chi Minh City or HCMC, has experienced tremendous economic growth ever since open economy was introduced to the socialist country of Vietnam. With a fierce history of blood bath, war and colonial rule, the city stands as a winner against the gnaw of old time.

There are multiple facets of the city that will enthral a weary traveller. A favourite destination for many digital nomads of today, Saigon remains arcane, mystic as the name suggests.

city guide saigon

This city guide Saigon will briefly discuss the major attractions of the city for anyone heading towards the destination. This includes the regular touristy path as well as off the beaten road.

Colonial Architecture

As the capital of IndoChina region, Saigon was built in the form of Paris. The Notre Dame, the Post Office and many other old building along with traditional eateries stand witness to that time.

Remembering Vietnam War

Reserve a day to take a tour around the museums. Be it the Reunification Palace or the War Remnant Museum with snippets of soldiers and locals tormented in the violent war, it will be a tough day and shall make the mood sombre.

It is rightly said, travel to love and travel to understand.

Exotic Local Culture

Do not forget to make a trip to the Northern part of the city, locally referred to a Cho Lon – the Chinatown of Saigon. Not only they serve lip smacking delicacies, they also excel in cheap electronics. The language spoken here differs a bit than the regular one in other parts of Saigon.

Day Trips

A trip to Mekong Delta is what we recommend. In this, you will be cruising on the mighty Mekong river, witness the local life that is heavily depended on the river, may be get a chance to fish with them and prepare a dish or two with fresh ingredients, sourced from the courtyard.

Another alternative is to visit the Chu Chi Tunnel. The remains of the Ho Chi Minh Trail through which the Viet Cong soldiers had ventured into the war field after long days of walks.


Saigon Opera House – the massive institute clad in an all white appearance, stand lone to entertain guests with tunes from past.

The city also offers multiple disc, skyscrapers (the Bitexco Financial Towers) will let you experience the city gleaming in bright neon lights at night.

The tailors from Vietnam are particularly apt at their craft and shall stitch you a coat or a dress exactly the way you want, at a fraction of the cost, otherwise prevalent in international markets.

With the amazing architecture, an exotic past apt for a history buff, evidences of immense growth, Saigon is bound to enthral you.

With that, do not forget to taste the amazing food scene of the city. They make their fish, either sourced from the sea, more likely from fresh water river (courtesy the river flowing by the side), with particular care. The steaks here follow exact French style, so does the pate.

The city is very safe for solo traveller. Multiple luxurious hotels as well as budget hostels abound the localities. In case you have any suggestion about city guide Saigon, please feel free to suggest in the comment section. We would love to learn about your favourite joint in Ho Chi Minh City.

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